9 years teaching, 2 shirts.
The collection of staff ID badges included here happens to be one of my students' favorite #anyqs and they cheer me on from year to year to maintain the constant, if you get my drift.  

This also comes in handy when a student inevitably asks "So, what does a set look like if a small standard deviation exists?"

So, why the subtle differences among the images?  My first year of teaching, I knew staff ID photos would be taken, but wanted to wear something comfortable for the back-to-school staff inservices. Blue striped polo? Perfect.

The following year, I overlooked the previous year's ID shirt and coincidentally wore the same shirt as the previous year. 2-for-2? Cool.

My third year of teaching, my wife coerced me into wearing something different, citing that "people will think I don't know how to do laundry if you wear the same shirt all the time." Eh. What's one year in a different shirt hurt? I'd still get inducted into the Hall of Fame with a .667 average.

And so it went, year after year, reverting to Old Blue for staff ID photo day.  Granted, this #Made4Math project took some time to accumulate the punchline, but has been a fun tradition for my students to cheer me on from year to year, almost like a recurring inside joke they are part of.

Funnier still is the fact the shirt still fits, and that it hasn't worn out.  But, I guess that's what you can expect when it only gets worn once a year.

I know this post isn't very creative or insightful, but hopefully it is good enough for a light chuckle at my expense.  Laugh it up.


8/28/2012 07:54:40 am

Too FUNNY!!!

8/28/2012 10:40:19 am

I will admit that I did get a chuckle out of it! But I also love the illustration of the standard deviation. I'm also impressed that you still own the shirt after 9 years :)

His Mother Keltner
8/28/2012 11:36:44 am

Oh, Scott.

10/17/2013 11:55:01 pm

Was just looking for a site like this, thanks


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