Spring Training each year has come about the same time as my units involving measures of central tendency, so I pull data from Team Marketing Report about the FCI (Fan Cost Index) in Major League Baseball.  This data also incorporates lessons on percent change (Example: "The Kansas City Royals' average ticket price increased 15.2% to $21.84" but makes no mention of the previous years' ticket average.)

The headline "PLAY BALL" is made up of entirely of baseball logos' unique looks (the Excel file is available HERE).  This is one of the first things I tried printing with my knowledge of large-format printing using Microsoft Excel (archived blog post about it here). I laminated it once I had assembled all the pieces of the headline and it has held up great.

I enjoy indulging in a mini-museum of sorts outside my classroom windows on this bulletin board, complete with a mock-up of a baseball field with chalk lines (actually made from 2-inch athletic tape ripped into thinner strips), and an homage to Ken Keltner who used to play for the Cleveland Indians (most well known for his two backhand stops at third base to end Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak) and Boston Red Sox and is the namesake of my godfather, but no actual relation of mine.

I also have antique and modern versions of mitts and catcher's masks that I display with this bulletin board, but were taken down prior to this photo being taken.  Note the crossed bats at the bottom of the board, one antique (actually a Ken Keltner model I found on eBay a few years back) and a modern Mizuno bat.

In NINE years of posting this bulletin board, each year updating the FCI data based on the latest ticket prices and expansion teams, I have never had issues with students messing with any of the items hanging from the board.  I chalk it up to no one wanting to be "that guy" who ruins the displays I post outside my classroom.

Hope you enjoy taking a look at this project.  I'll soon be posting the "PLAY BALL" headline file, for your use if you so choose. Enjoy and play ball.


7/31/2012 08:27:33 am

This bulletin board rocks! I need to check out your explanation of how you used Excel to enlarge it.



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